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Liaoning Huihua Auto Group International Trade Division

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Address: No.20 Heping South Street,Heping District,Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, China

About Us
     Established in 2002, Liaoning Huihua Automobile Group is situated in China’s Northeast time-honored industrial city Shenyang and is the sole car dealership and authorized exporters covering full range of FAW series products. Through years of painstaking effort, Huihua Group win the honorable title of FAW Meritorious Agent ,FAW Meritorious Investors and FAW Best Distributor Award
      With the concerted effort of over 2000 staff and remarkable yearly sales volume of 5.5 billion RMB, Huihua Group successively ranked 36 among the Top 100 Best Car Distributor. 
       With branches and spare parts inventory covering from capital city of Liaoning, Jilin, Harbin, to border city of Dandong coastal economic belt, Urumqi, Suifenhe, Heihe, Erenhot, Horgos, Huihua Group specializes in selling brands like Jiefang, Besturn, Audi, Volkswagen, Toyota, Mazda. Till now, 14 4s shops have been put into operation , and the number of sales division and independent operating unit is expected to reach 30. 
         Leading domestic being a starting point, moving towards the world is our ultimate ideal. In December 2008, relying on the tremendous domestic sales network , Huihua Group set up Huihua Group International Trade Department. During the first 9 months of 2010, more than 600 vehicles have been exported to North Korea and ASEAN. Hui Hua Group was the first investor in Pyongyang, Ra Son of North Korea and has built three FAW series vehicle sales and service centers in the line. Furthermore, our automotive assembly plants in Central Asia and the ASEAN are also active in preparation.
        Till now, International Trade Department has developed business in Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Russia, Mongolia, Africa, the Pacific Island Region and Central Asia ,like Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, aiming to cooperate with high-quality partners. The coming year will witness a brighter future of Huihua’s international business.
       Huihua Group possesses the comprehensive agent of Jiefang products and we sincerely recommend J6 products, not only for its sales scale ,but for its professional recognition of National Science and Technology Progress Award. Among the world’s medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks, Jiefang brand has ranked in the first place for many successive years.
        Our leading products are Jiefang brand medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks, including more than 1,000 types, such as conventional truck, dump truck, cargo truck, tractor, semi-trailer and concrete mixer. The J6 truck is equipped with a matched low-speed high-torque engine which gives it better climbing ability, with a cast axle housing upgraded from a 300 axle which provides it with higher load-carrying capacity, and with an oil bath air cleaner which deliver more reliable quality and easier maintenance. With a total weight of 30-50 t, it is suitable for transport of resources such as coal and aggregates and for engineering jobs such as mining pit construction, sea reclamation and high-end logistics and transport, especially applicable in adverse natural condition and rugged mountainous terrain.
       Harboring sincerity in mind, Huihua Group is on the way towards development through innovation.

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